AI for Knowledge Extraction  |  May 10, 2023

Text Summarization with AI: Getting the Gist Without the Jargon

AI has become an integral part of modern life, and its uses are becoming increasingly varied and sophisticated. One way that AI can be used is for text summarization and extraction of insights. Text summarization is the process of taking a long document and condensing it into a shorter, more concise version that contains the same key points and information. This can be useful in a number of applications, such as extracting insights from customer feedback or summarizing an article or book for easier digestion.

When it comes to AI-driven text summarization, there are two main approaches: extractive summarization and abstractive summarization. Extractive summarization takes salient phrases from the original document and arranges them into a concise summary. This approach is relatively simple and fast, but it does not generate original content and does not capture the context of the original document. Abstractive summarization, on the other hand, involves the computer synthesizing new, contextually relevant sentences with information from the original document. This approach is more complex and time consuming, but is able to create a more accurate and nuanced summary.

When attempting to extract useful insights from text, AI algorithms are used to analyze the text and look for patterns. Most algorithms used for extracting insights use techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to identify meaning and structure in text. With NLP, algorithms can identify words or phrases that contain important information, while ML approaches use statistical techniques to detect patterns in large sets of texts.

In combination with text summarization, these AI algorithms can be used to quickly extract useful insights from long documents. For instance, after summarizing customer feedback or analyzing a large research paper, insights can be presented in an organized way, or specific questions can be answered automatically.

AI is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for extracting information from large sets of text quickly and accurately. Text summarization and insights extraction are just two examples of the broad range of applications AI can provide. As technology continues to advance, AI will only become even more useful and ubiquitous in our lives.