Augmented Intelligence

Our Approach

Baobab Tech expands human potential with AI-enhanced digital solutions. Specializing in LLM applications, we focus on aiding businesses and non-profits in the development and humanitarian sectors, providing strategic consultation and solutions.

Baobab Tech thrives in the tough tech environment, just like the Baobab tree in arid conditions. We offer innovative digital solutions, tapping into AI and technology to enhance human abilities, signifying resilience and growth in this rapid tech world.

Founder Photo
Olivier Mills

Baobab Tech, founded by Olivier Mills, is a technology consulting firm with a human-centric approach. Olivier, with his experience in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, established Baobab Tech with a passion for harnessing technology to tackle development and humanitarian challenges. Our mission is simple: to amplify human potential and enable organizations to have greater impact.

  • Digital transformation. Specializing in Large Language Model applications, we provide transformative tools for organizations in the development and humanitarian sectors struggling with tech advancement. Our unique approach focuses on empowering humans with advanced AI technologies aligned with humanitarian principles.
  • Enhancing human capability We adopt a human-centric perspective in utilizing AI. Our belief is in the power of AI as a tool to not only build superior applications but to elevate human capabilities.
  • Guidance and partnership Our consulting services guide organizations through their digital transformation journey. We understand organizational challenges deeply, and our solutions always aim to empower organizations to leverage AI, focusing on amplifying human potential.
  • Practical Implementation We provide not just guidance, but practical solutions. Our work with you includes real-time solutions that you can implement independently or with our help. It's beyond consulting reports; it's about partnership and tangible progress in your AI journey.